The First Step (to Passive Income) Is Always the Hardest

Deep breath. Here we go.

Welcome to Steps to Passive Income! This is not another “how-to” guide from some guru, but rather a “how-I-do” blog from a guy who has read and listened to a lot of those gurus, but is still trying to figure it out! Here’s a bit of my story…

For the past several years I’ve become increasingly interested in money, finances, and wealth creation. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older and retirement seems to be sneaking up on me, or maybe it’s because I feel like there’s so much I still want to experience in the world but most of it takes time and/or money that I don’t have. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been able to travel a fair bit, save a little here and there, helped out family & friends, and given to ministries & causes I believe in. But there’s still a gnawing desire in my heart that wants more. Do you ever feel that inside you too? Maybe it’s when you see those amazing pictures your friend who now lives overseas keeps posting on Facebook? Perhaps it’s when you read about the guy who created a new iPhone app that rakes in tens of thousands of dollars a month, giving him complete financial freedom? Possibly it’s the stories from an old classmate that is devoting her life to a cause she believes in that seems so fulfilling? In my case, it’s all of the above and more!

These are the stories, the lives, that inspire me. Years tick by and I hear more stories, but it seems I’m rarely the main character. That’s what Steps to Passive Income is about – taking actionable, measurable steps to begin creating streams of passive income that will begin to open up possibilities and create opportunities that I’ve mostly only dreamed about. Why settle for the status quo when you know deep inside there is so much more you could be doing, maybe even should be doing?

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. I’ve watched a lot of webinars and TV shows. I’ve talked to a lot of people. But now it’s time to stop just learning and start doing. That reminds me of a verse in the Bible that says, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only.” Or to quote a country song, what I need is “a little less talk and a lot more action.” (Never thought I’d quote Toby Keith in my first blog post!)

That’s what this blog is about: Doing. Doing what? Creating multiple streams of passive income. Passive is key because I believe this is the answer, at least in part, to creating the lifestyle I desire. And as I’m doing I’m going to chronicle what I’m doing – every step along the way. I’ll no doubt try some really stupid things, make some mistakes, and lose some money, but that’s OK! I’m totally cool with that because at least I’ll be doing something! And who knows, maybe in a week or a month or a year, just maybe I’ll start to make some money. Once that happens I have a feeling it will be contagious and suddenly possibilities will begin to increase; goals I’ve been too afraid to verbalize for fear of failure will seem closer; and all the things I’ve dreamed about won’t seem quite so crazy.

runners-starting-the-raceFollow along!

Why keep wishing and wanting, when you could be dreaming and doing? Take the first step with me by following along on email or subscribing to my RSS feed. It’s said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let’s take that step together…

~Kent McCorkle


Kent McCorkle

Dr. Kent McCorkle is a chemistry professor, online entrepreneur, world traveler, and self-proclaimed foodie.


  1. Kent, I can totally relate! Can’t wait to hear the chronicles of your journey and what you learn along the way. Thanks for sharing!


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