Affiliate Disclaimer

Just a word about some of the links on this site. While Steps to Passive Income is primarily a blog describing my journey as I attempt to create passive income online, along the way I will share resources, products, and services that I’ve used and found helpful. Sometimes when I link to them I will use what is known as an affiliate link. An affiliate link earns me a commission if the person who clicks it chooses to make a purchase, without costing them anything extra. For example, I recommend Bluehost as my web hosting provider because I use it and have had a great experience. If someone decides to check them out they can click the link and get the same great price as everyone else, while also supporting me and this site. Of course there’s never any pressure to use the links, but I just wanted to take a moment to clarify what these links are and how they work as I believe transparency is key to success on the internet and in life.

Thank you for your support!