Steps to Passive Income author Kent McCorkle on the Thames near Tower BridgeMy name is Dr. Kent McCorkle and I’m a college professor living in Southern California (for now).  I enjoy my job and love teaching, but I also love doing other things like traveling and visiting new places, experiencing other cultures, trying new foods, spending time with my family, and giving both time & money to causes I’m passionate about.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to do as much of any of these as I’d like which is why I’m writing this blog.

What are the Steps to Passive Income?

Let’s find out together!  Steps to Passive Income is a blog describing my attempts at creating passive income online. Whether it’s blogging, videos, podcasting, digital products, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, apps & software, or anything else, you’ll hear about all of my successes and failures in the world of passive income. I’ll share exactly what I’m trying and why, along with how much I’m earning (or losing) each month.

So, what’s the goal?

Well, the goal isn’t just to lay in a hammock on a beach somewhere, sipping piña coladas day-after-day as I watch the waves roll in. (OK, I might do that for a few days but not forever!) The goal is to streamline my life and become more efficient, freeing up my time and my mind to focus on the things that are truly important to me. But for this to happen, I need to create new sources of income without creating tons of new work for myself. That’s where the passive part of Steps to Passive Income comes in.

Think of it this way: Most people trade their time today to make money today. If they want to make more money, they have to trade more time. If they stop trading their time, they stop making money. But I want to trade my time on things today that will make money today, tomorrow, and then every day after that!

So the income streams I hope to create need to be as automated as possible, allowing me to be out of touch for days or weeks at a time, checking in occasionally, all while income continues to stream into my bank account. That is passive income and that’s the dream! It is my hope that this type of lifestyle business will allow me and my family to truly experience life together and do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want, all while spending more time with the people and on the causes we believe in.

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I hope you’ll follow along on my journey, through both the ups and the downs, as I strive to create passive income.  If you’d like to be notified whenever there’s a new post, click on one of the buttons below to subscribe via RSS or email.

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~Kent McCorkle

Steps to Passive Income author Kent McCorkle on a cruise with his wife

My wife & I on our first cruise. Hopefully the next one will be paid for with passive income that continues to roll in even while sailing!